The Complete List of Best IT Courses in Nepal

Information technology and computers are closely related and recognized worldwide, resulting in the growing IT Courses in Nepal. Students of this program acquire skills and knowledge related to computers, networking, programming languages, databases, web design, and application development over a period of three to four years. 

In addition to software and system development, the Information Technology (IT) Course in Nepal is designed to develop professionals who can develop creative and innovative technologies for the modern world.

Computers and information technology have changed the way society functions and interacts. Therefore, these computers and IT graduates play an important role in growing in today’s market and providing good opportunities for progress in this area. 

The growing demand for computer and information technology graduates in business and economics is overwhelming in Nepal. The graduates acquire both the theoretical and practical skills required by the company. 

This IT course creates graduate creative thinkers, innovators, and solution-minded people needed at both national and international levels. With a degree, graduates will be able to effectively work, develop, manage and implement IT and computer-aided systems in areas such as business, management, and industry. 

Majors include advanced programming, system analysis, and design, project management, web development, software development, and more.

Bachelor in Computer Information System (BCIS) – Pokhara University

Pokhara University’s 4-year Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS) program  integrates information technology and business leadership. This is the perfect integration for the new needs of modern business. 

Matter of fact, this program aims to develop student technical skills and organizational insights for analyzing, designing, implementing, and managing information systems. It is one of the best IT courses in Nepal. 


BSc. CSIT – Tribhuvan University

Among different  IT courses in Nepal, BSc. CSIT is arguably the most popular IT course in Nepal. The CSIT degree combines the previous three years of computer science and three years of information technology into one four-year course. 

Therefore, a  degree can be seen as a combination of the principles and applications of information technology and computer science. For this reason, it covers a variety of IT disciplines and can be considered one of the best IT courses in Nepal. 

Most TU and KU-affiliated universities offer this degree, so it’s easy to get at a nearby university.


  • St. Xavier’s College
  • Patan Multiple Campus
  • Butwal Multiple Campus
  • Himalaya College of Engineering
  • Kathford International College of Engineering and Management (KICEM)

BSc. Computing (Hons)

BSc. Computing is an international degree specializing course in software in Nepal. This program provides general education in the field of computer science. 

It is intended for students who want to specialize in the development and maintenance of modern computerized systems. This module covers four different areas.

Software development, information systems, networks, distributed systems, internet computer systems. Currently, this degree is offered by many universities affiliated with foreign universities.


Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) – Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University recently launched a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications (BCA) program in 2074/75. TU’s BCA program lasts four years. The BCA claims to be a more hands-on course in Nepal. 

Therefore, this course will focus on the application side of technology. That is, use the principles of computer science and information technology to develop computer applications

This course also seems to include some business-related courses. As a BCA graduate, you can apply for the positions of systems analyst, system manager, project manager, database administrator, system designer, and programmer for IT companies.


  • People’s Campus.
  • Prithvi Narayan Campus.
  • Janapriya Multiple Campus.
  • Saraswati Multiple Campus.
  • Shanker Dev Campus.
  • Nepal Commerce Campus (NCC)
  • Bhaktapur Multiple Campus.
  • Birendra Multiple Campus.

BSc. Computer Networking & IT Security

The world needs programmers and software engineers, but the world also needs network engineers and IT security specialists. Due to the complexity of computer networks and the seriousness of security challenges, cyber security specialists around the world are in great need. 

To meet this need, a dedicated module is available for BSc Computer Networking and IT Security in Nepal as one of the best IT courses. As with BSc Computing, this degree can also be obtained at overseas universities. 

This degree not only provides students with a comprehensive foundation of traditional network and security protocols, but also prepares them for technologies such as wired and wireless networks, VOIP,  and virtualization.


Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (BICT)

BICT (Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology) is one of the highly demanding best IT courses in Nepal for the new generation. BICT is a four-year undergraduate program for honor students.

The BICT program provides students with a wide range of information and communication technology skills and develops student skills to create innovative solutions for the digital world.

B.Sc.(Hons) Network Engineering – University of Northampton (UK)

If you are interested in this expanding and diverse sector within the computing industry, we encourage you to sign up for this specialist course in Nepal. In this one of the best IT courses in Nepal, you will learn how Internet technology and security affect and affect the entire computing industry.


BTEC HND in Computing leading to BSc. IT

ISMT’s BSc.IT  is provided by BTECHND during the first two years and the final year of the university. The computing / IT curriculum covers all important aspects of computing and IT, with a particular focus on software engineering, networks, and information systems.


Bachelor Degree in Mobile Application Development – London Metropolitan University

Bachelor of Science (Honors Degree) Mobile Application Development is designed to provide students with a general overview of mobile application development. Mobile application development is the process of developing application software for mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.


Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) – Sikkim Manipal University

Rapidly expanding information technology and communication systems have become an important component of almost every strategic plan for a company.

Companies that want to take advantage of new information and communication systems need specialists who can apply computer science principles to solve problems that arise at the crossroads of business and technology. 

This is an undergraduate program that introduces students to different areas of computer applications, including the latest developments to keep up with the industry which is one of the best IT courses in Nepal.

B.Sc Computer Networking and IT Security – London Metropolitan University

The B.Sc Computer Networks and IT Security Program aims to provide students with expertise in the areas of computer networks and IT security in Nepal.

It is strongly supported by a built-in professional curriculum (Cisco CCNA) that emphasizes all aspects of computer networking and IT security, whether wired or wireless and greatly enhances student employability.


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