Why Learn Python? (Python Institutes In Nepal)

Why Learn Python? (Python Institutes In Nepal)

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In this article you will be learning about Python obviously, and also about some of the best Python Institutes in Nepal. As there are numerous Python institutes in Nepal, and many more are adding up on the list, you may get confused and join an institute that is average or even below average.

Introducing Python

Python is a high-level programming language used for general software engineering. This is a server-side language. That is, it runs on the server and is responsible for handling the logic behind user input, interacting with the database and other servers, and so on. 

Originally developed by Guido Van Rossum in the late 1980s, Python has been around for decades alongside other server-side languages ​​such as Java and C. 

Van Rossum modeled Python in English to eliminate unnecessary syntax and make it easier to read. Write more than any other programming language. 

Python Institutes in Nepal
Python Institutes in Nepal

Python is an open-source language and has become more popular in recent years due to its use in data science. Python also has a strong community of machine learning, data modeling, data analysis, and artificial intelligence (AI), with extensive resources and libraries built for these purposes.

Matter of fact, Python is an independent and accessible programming language with a lively and growing user community. Python is a great place to get started for anyone looking to enter the world of technology through programming. 

It is relatively easy to learn, very versatile, and is used in a variety of fields, from data science and machine learning game design.

However, before we learn about the best Python institutes in Nepal, let us gather some information about what Python really is.

What is Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language. In other words, unlike JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, it can be used in non-web development applications. 

It has been around for 30 years, but has become one of the most popular programming languages ​​these days and continues to grow in popularity.

Simple and easy to understand

For starters, if you’re new to programming, it’s a great place to start a language. One of the biggest hurdles for aspiring programmers is the difficult task of learning a new language that people don’t seem to be accustomed to reading and writing. 

However, Python has an English syntax and is designed to be concise and easy to read. All of this makes Python easier for first-time coders to access Python than many other languages. 

Python is an interpreted programming language, so it’s easy to learn. This means that you can execute each line of code as soon as you finish writing it, so you can instantly see and adjust it as needed. 

This is a great help for those who are still learning and saves time for programmers around the world.

As Python is easy to learn and understand, you can choose any of the Python institutes in Nepal but, the learning process depends upon your capacity.


Python is very versatile. It can be used for both small and complex tasks and is used in a variety of industries, from more common applications in data science and software development to environments such as mobile app development, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. 

This versatile use is due to the wide range of Python libraries available (more than 125,000 to be exact). A library is a collection of off-the-shelf code in a particular language that is accessible to everyone. 

This means that once you learn the basics of Python, you will be able to understand and use a large amount of code developed by other programmers. 

Another important aspect of Python’s versatility is that it can be run in other programming languages. Common examples of Python implementations in other languages ​​are Jython (Java built-in Python) and CPython (C built-in Python). 

Finally, Python provides cross-platform functionality. That means it works fine whether you’re using Windows, Linux, or macOS.

Highly demand programming language

Python developer roles are in excessive demand, as many important companies including Dropbox, Netflix, and Facebook use it. Google has even made its personal Python fashion guide. 

In fact, Python developer jobs also are relatively profitable. According to research, Python builders earn a median profit of $108,391, which makes it the fourth-maximum profitable programming language at the back of Ruby, and JavaScript. 

In addition, Python builders additionally have the possibility to earn an excessive profit with much less experience, in keeping with StackOverflow.

Python is relatively new programming language, however, it is in high demand. So, there are numerous Python institutes in Nepal and many more are opening nearly every week.

Supportive Community

When learning a new programming language, you need to make sure that you have a community of programmers to ask questions in case of problems. 

The main advantage of Python is a robust and supportive online community, as evidenced by the 1.5 million GitHub repositories, making Python the second largest community on the platform. 

Moreover, Python also has its own network of robust community forums where users can discuss everything from workflow to software development, and Python users can hold conferences around the world to build communities and knowledge bases. 

If you have the basic knowledge about other programming languages, you can learn Python in no time. Moreover, the supportive Python community offers you the necessary guidance and mentorship.

Keeping this in mind, with the additional help of the best Python institutes in Nepal, you can get your career going in no time.

Fastest-Growing Programming Language

When it comes to Python’s popularity and growth, the numbers aren’t a lie. According to the programming language index PYPL PopularitY, Python is the most searched programming language on the web and doesn’t seem to change anytime soon. 

According to Stack Overflow, Python is also the fastest-growing programming language, and TIOBE was awarded the 2020 Programming Language of the Year for its faster popularity than any other language. 

Part of this perception is due to the usefulness of Python in the world of data science. As areas such as machine learning, data modeling, and AI grow, so does the demand for Python-related skills. 

All this means that Python is the perfect choice if you are looking for a new programming language to learn or want to move into the realm of programming.

Being the fastest growing programming language means, Python institutes in Nepal are also growing in number day-by-day. Therefore, this article will help you to figure out the best options for you.

Web Application and Internet Development

Nobody can deny Python’s popularity, not just in online applications but also in web development. Python programs and products revolutionized the way we construct and design things because of their technological advancements.

For example, Python web frameworks provide comprehensive libraries and modules that make developers’ jobs easier. Content management, database access, error tracking, function-call mapping, profiling, data authorization, and other critical procedures are all accelerated.

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When it comes to cybersecurity ferocity, Python lives up to its reputation. It can respond to security threats faster than other languages since it has access to strong third-party libraries (e.g., Nmap, Yara, Requests, and so on). 

It may, for example, execute a web application penetration test and discover system breaches, which is useful for IT security specialists. To avoid cyber exploitation caused by hackers, you may utilize its robust typing script, quick prototyping and iteration, and digital forensic skills to create an impenetrable program.

Python Institutes in Nepal

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