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About the Bootcamp

Coding Bootcamp is aimed at creating highly skilled young professionals who can excel at the field of Information Technology. 

This is a 16-week training program where students can learn from the basic level of coding and reach a professional level at the end of it. Moreover, students will also have an exposure to the real-world project and invaluable experiences shared by various professionals and their working on the cutting edge technology in today’s world.

Most importantly, the students that participate in the Coding Bootcamp and complete it with success –  will be certified and also guaranteed a job. At the end of the program, students will have an interesting portfolio to showcase their skills with their  prospective employers. Hence, it is a great opportunity for aspiring students interested in Information Technology.

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Job Guaranteed


After successfully completing the bootcamp course and getting yourself certified, you will be guaranteed a job at any of the reputed IT companies in Kathmandu Valley –
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The first exposure you will get as a student is through our Job fair at the end of your coursework. Here, you will be able to interact with prospective employers and learn more about them and showcase your skills that you have learned. Job fair is the great first step to get into the job market –
If the job fair did not work for you – sad but happens – we will work with you to get you a placement just like we promised. We work with many independent recruitment firms that can help you find the right match. Give us 3 month from the date of your certification, we will do everything for your next ideal job.
If CTS could not find a suitable placement in the agreed time frame – CTS will then reimburse the fee by 50%.

Skilled Lecturers


Each and every lecturer in this bootcamp has at least 5 years of experience working in the related field. Moreover, their real-life tech experience will be valuable for everyone that joins the course.

Money Back


If the candidate successfully completes our program then he/she will be placed at any reputed IT company in Kathmandu Valley, within 3 months.

Candidates are obliged to accept reasonable and respected offer offered to them. If the candidate does not accept the offer for any personal preferences, CTS contract with the candidate is then terminated.

In cases where, CTS is not able to place the candidate in a given time frame – CTS will reimburse the 75% fee originally collected. CTS will still hold 25% of Fee for its contribution.

If the candidate could not pass the certification – then candidate will have these options to choose from –

a) Retake the same class or any other similar class offered by CTS.

b) Attempt the exam again — If the second attempt is also unsuccessful, then NO money returned.

c) Take 50% of Fee returned and leave the program.

Coding Bootcamp's Focal Point

In-Class Learning and Live Sharing

The students have the opportunity to learn both in physical presence as well as online through the Coding Bootcamp. There will be classes held for 3 days in a week and live sharing sessions will also be conducted during this period.

Mock Interviews

To give a proper understanding of how to face an Interview for your dream job, the students will have multiple mock interviews. During these mock interviews the students will go through a series of situations and questions that are exact depiction of the real-world Tech Interviews.

Resume Critique

The students will be taught, in this Coding Bootcamp, to make a proper resume. Their respective resumes will be critiqued by experts and changes will be suggested if necessary, so that the participated students will have exemplary resumes at the end of the bootcamp.

Job Fair

At the end of the Coding Bootcamp, there will be a job fair held where numerous prestigious IT companies will participate and recruit the students from the bootcamp. The job fair is a great occasion for the students to find the perfect job in tech that they have always wanted.

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If you have the necessary skills and experience, you can apply to become a tutor for the bootcamp. It is a great opportunity for you to broaden your horizon as well as add to your experience that will be fruitful for your future.

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